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Who we are

Marblemann Accessories is ventured by a group of textile and apparel enthusiasts who have been serving the industry for decades. Based in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu Province, China with rich heritage and history of textile manufacturing and trading, we have been known for excellent and effective work with customers around the world. Today, Marblemann has become in industry a name synonymous to quality of product, innovation, communication and service.



What we do

With full passion and devotion, we strive to translate for our customers the ideas, needs, and trends into final product facilitated by our in-house design studio. Meanwhile, asa major focus of our business, we help our customers source, develop, manufacture, audit, test, inspect and transport to all over the world. We are continuously building up our partnership with local factories as well as with more licensers, wholesalers and retailers to prove them our value. 


How we think

We, Marblmann Accessories, recognize the responsibility that any of our decisions and behaviors may impact on our community and the environment. Taking into account of expectations from all stakeholders in our business activities, we commit transparent and ethical conduct in the belief that understanding the correlation of People, Product and Planet will contribute to justice, health and happiness of our life, and will in turn bring business sustainability to all of us.