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The pandemic has claimed a growing concern on the apparel products that are safer, heathier and longer to accompany our life.

Safer,Healthier & Longer

             to accompany us

Responding to the quick rising demand for Anti-bacterial accessories, Marblemann has launched a seasonal collection adopting two different methods enabling the products Anti-bacterial effective.

Introduction of metal-infused material to manufacture directly the products.

The majority of the Anti-bacterial Additives or Agents are with silver or copper-based compound treated through sophisticated chemical process.




It normally adds into the fabric finishing with proportional amount of water in the last stage of fabric shaping.




After the washing and heating process, the anti-bacterial element stays on the fabric surface curbing the growth of the bacteria and virus, and keeping product clean and fresh from odor generation.

Anti-bacterial Additives or Agents


Shorter lead time as anti-bacterial additive is added in the last stage of fabric finishing.

Better cost for bulk quantity order.

Wastewater generated in the treatment when applying additive onto the fabric 

Anti-bacterial rate drops after multiple of washings when the additive gradually phase out.

Different lab test standards rate the anti-bacterial performance by evaluating the remains of virus and bacteria after minimum times of washing


It has been widely recognized that an effective way to prevent person-person contagion in public space from exposing to coughing saliva and " effected " area, is to set up a protective barrier to reduce and avoid the direct contact.

Please view our SilveRally & CoppeRate items and you are welcome to contact us for any further question:

Application of Antibacterial additive or agent into fabric finishing before manufacturing the products.

Anti-bacterial rate drops after multiple of washings when the additive gradually phase out.

SILVER protection

Main brands of Anti-bacterial additives in the market 



   by Thomson Research    ( Canada )


by Dupont ( USA )

Silver element is found in the ingredient of most chemical Anti-bacterial additives 

Metal-infused material developed by Marblemann

Natural Silver-infused fabric

Natural Copper-infused fabric

Metal elements including Silver and Copper, have been applied by human society for centuries to disinfect, and become more important for modern science in medical and bio-chemical fields. Metal impregnated fabric has been proved with documented antimicrobial properties.  


The outbreak of Convid-19 has rung the bell for the ever-increasing demand of personal health on anti-bacterial and anti-microbial supply.

The collection is named after SILVERALLY, literally relating with Silver, and COPPERATE, originating from copper, and aims to provide consumers a next-to-skin layer for their outdoor and social activity with an unique thermal and invisibly bacterial-virus protective bodyguard.

For both :Silver fiber and Copper fiber:

EPA test reports arranged to verify the metal fiber

Anti-bacterial performance tests proved their high efficiency

Recommended to blend with other fiber, synthetic or natural.

Scientific labs have found some metal ions like AG ( Silver ) and CU ( Copper ) are more likely to attach with the viral cells.      


The icons pierce through cell walls and impact on the virus by degrading its regeneration ability and inhibiting its growth.    


With this property, metal ions are introduced into the manufacturing of fabric to provide a new choice for the end consumers.

Bacterial and virus are affected by the metal ions on the textile surface.    


Functionality of the Metal-infused Material is to take advantage of base thread in either Polyester or Nylon with certain treatment to plate the metal icons on the core and wrap it up with a durable layer.    

Classic treatments of adding ions on the regular fiber are usually accompanied with pollutant emission to the environment.  


Marblemann has adopted a unique non-water technology to impregnate the material with metal fiber while even make it withstand more washings and uses.

The metal fiber that is infused with is 99.9% pure and is safe to mammals with no toxic chemicals inside.

Infused to polymeric substrate fiber, it guarantees lifetime regardless the washing 

It kills over 90% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure minimizing odor and fungi.

The metal fiber efficiently  conducts electricity and eliminates the static accumulation as well as static shock.

The metal infused staple can be mixed with cotton, polyester, elastane, bamboo and many more for a variety of fabric qualities meeting different requests. The percentage of metal fiber can vary from 2% to 10%, however, test results show that only minimum blend of 4%  metal fiber can empower the products with bacterial control. Below are our suggested options for your development .  

After months of hard researches in quest of a unique blend of metal fiber considering the hand feel, stretch and function, Marblemann has finally unveiled proudly a base layer line called out Safe, Comfortable and Durable.