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The last decade has witnessed drastic change in the world manufacturing center where Marblemann Accessories was born. We understand the challenge is not only on our side. The ever increasing need from our customers to meet market changes , R & D efficiency as well as cost-saving on product competition have called on our efforts to distinguish from the highly stratified apparel industry in mainland China. Striving to enhance our value-added activities that are exclusively found at Marblemann Accessories, we commit to providing one-stop solution for our customers to promote their competitiveness in their own sector.



For Marblemann, the best experience is grow with our customers and the biggest value is to facilitate customers’success. Go further, Go together.



Marblemann helps inspire customers to seek the best way to brand their products. Backed up by our experience and expertise, we propose Embroidery, Print, Dipping,Flocking, Laser cut, Jacquard as wll as various trims of buttons, labels and badges,and any other idea that you could imagine.

With information technology improvement, Marblemann is in the position to develop product with customers in a mutually responsive matter. The in-house graphic work saves time before we take next stride and makes our sampling more effective. Our self-developed styles and prints tracking the latest trend enable us to keep our customers fresh.

INVISTA's Supplex is a Nylon-based fabric developed for outdoor users in summer season. Unlike treating fabric  with UPF function in the last stage of finishing, Supplex has an in-born feature with clean texture on the fabric surface, quick dry and durable UV-cut performance. 

Easy Touch


Thinsulate™ Insulation is used widely on outdoor accessories including gloves or winter headgear. It is a branded insulation material from 3M and proves to provide exceptional thermal protection. The unique microfibers that make Thinsulate insulation work by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. The more air the molecules traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates you from the cold outside air. Thinsulate has different weight and qualities. Normal specifications applied on apparel & accessories are:


     C40 & C100: non-woven fabric like material for slim fit

     M80: polyfill like for boufant fillinig

     EC100: polyfill like in recycle quality for boufant filling



Marblemann commits to purchasing Thinsulate from nominated 3M distributor and conducts random in-line production pick for 3M China office to verify for the guarantee of authenticity before shipment.



View more,  visit:

We provide customs fit for clients based on our understanding of fit difference due to age, profession and region. For example, work gear requires bigger size while people in Canada, US and Scandinavian areas have normally bigger thumb. Our experience and expertise can quickly judge and adjust to the best size and fit of your need

A class of materials used to make technical outdoor apparel that’s more breathable, more flexible, and more durable with windblock and water resistant functions. Softshell material is bonded with a membrane laminated in between the shell and base cloth. This membrane is also breathable and meanwhile can keep all elements outside. Compared with regular coating on the fabric which can start to phase off after manufacturing, softshell can extend the product life and keep it in a better shape and look.


Marblemann has used lots of softshell material in either knitted or woven quality for our high-end apparel products. The membrane has different rate for:  


       Quality ( PE, TPU and etc ),

       Air permeability ( starts from 3000, 5000, 8000 and above 10000 ) 

       Thickness ( the thicker, the more durable in the wearing )


Softshell can go for 2-layer, 2.5-layer or 3-layer based on different product feature as well as customer's budget. 

Any woven or knitted waterproof fabric, after sewn into finished product, will eventually be left holes from stitching on the fabric and consequently, won’t make the product waterproof any more. Acquashield is a separate waterproof insert that we put between the shell and lining so that any water seeping into the product can be blocked outside of the skin. The cost for the waterproof baggie is rated by:



     Air permeability

     Sewing tabs  ( tip connection between lining and shell to prevent stitching holes) 


Marblemann ski gloves & mittens equipped with Acquashield will always provide the best experience to keep your hand warm and dry in the chilly winter.




                          View more, visit: Aqua-Shield Collection

The latest development on the smartphone technology highlights a special technique connecting the screen and skin. Marblemann has invested a lot to develop the material with touch performance for a wide range of gloves under different design purpose and occasion. Our Easytouch material in glove collection includes:


      touch yarn on the knitted gloves

      metallic fabric on light weight dressing gloves

      synthetic leather & microsuede & PU for outdoor gloves

      stretch fleece for light duty sport gloves

      genuine lambskin leather with touch treated for luxurious gloves

      silicon print with conductive for light weight gloves


Selected from highly sensitive and durable material for superberb performances, Easytouch gloves from Marblemann will always keep your hands warm in cold weather and enable you to surf on smart devices without taking off the gloves.


Despite the cost pressure, Marblemann operation team invests a lot on internal tests that we conduct randomly and intentionally to guarantee that every single piece of product handed over to our customer is “clean”. Our focuses on AZO, LEAD, phthalate, Chromium and other items are required to meet CE or PR65/CPSIA. We are also concerned for all  physical performances including colour fastness and washing to assure the product value.


Marblemann is proud of being a certified vendor for many retailers and brands. We choose to work those manufacturing sources that meet and exceed customer expectations on safety, security, human & labour rights as well as quality assurance. We understand to change, improve and upgrade facilities takes time, but we are glad that we have brough the importance of compliance to more and more factories with which we are committed to growing together in the long term.

Supply chain

It is realized by Marblemann that our success comes from good correlation and close team-work of all relevant links, while problem can happen due to the performance failure of any one of them. We attach great importance of forging a strong supply chain believing every order and shipment is a fruit of collaboration of our supply chain. We would like to share this fruit in a comfortable, convenient and confident way with our global partners. We trust that you will be one of them.



The majority of Marblemann products are made from synthetic fiber, mainly processed from crude oil. We consume and discard to keep our life. It has called on our attention that recycling helps to save the resources and preserve better our environment. Marblemann is willing to work with its customers to increase the percentage of recycle material in its development and production, and urged its factories to operate with an goal to reduce contstantly all the emission and wastes.

See the Die Cut Lines for paper ticket/header/rack that are used for  Marblemann products:




Packaging has never been so important in merchandizing today. The first look and feel impressed by the packaging is the key to promote the purchase. Decades of business inside the apparel industry has accumulated enough knowledge and experience for Marblemann to serve you for the packaging design with options concerning the product, place and price.


An integrated packaging design needs to cover:


     a. white paper board or gray one

     b. paper board weight; single card board or bonding to be enough and sturdy

     c. general look  to be Dull or Polish

     d. how to maximize the exposure of product feature

     e. Point of sales and marketing channel to decide how to present the products


Marblemann has also stepped into " broad " packaging design like box and PDQ to add more values to the product. We will continue to work to better meet the increasing need from our customers.





For example, die cut line # 18 

For example, die cut line # 11

For example, die cut line # 9 

You are fine to choose any of our running die cut lines and customerized service is always available at your hand with our in-house graphic designer. For your information: 


        Gloves & Mittens BASIC styles applied: # 1, 3, 4, 5, 8,

        Gloves & Mittens DELUX styles applied: #2, 6, 7, 9, 11

        Beanie & Hat applied: # 1, 3, 4,

        Balaclava applied: # 10,12,13

        Bandana applied: # 14, 15,16 


Dupont's Teflon has been well known for its non-stick magic on hot pot. Fabric treated by Teflon exhibits great resistance of water drops, oil and stain granting the products with an exceptional experience of comfort and cleanliness. Marblemann has already manufacturerd fleece accessories and woven ski gloves for the winter the product wearer.

Same as Thinsulate, Thermolite from INVISTA provdes warmth and comfort without weight. Its hollow-core fibers trap in air for great insulation of light,yet heavy-duty performance. With different grams and grade, Thermolite is widely used in our insulated winter wear.

HeatQuest takes advantage of the fact that human body constantly emits heat. Through X-HEAT RAY fabric, body heat is reflected by the unique foild print in the fabric and therefore bringds a better heat retention for the hand and head.


                                                                                               View more, visit: HeatQuest collection


Tech & Term



Feature Icons

A group of product feature icons has been  released and more will be added. Customer can use of any of them for product development and packaging design.