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“In 2017, world plastics production totaled around 348 million metric tons.”


“In 2018, about 9% of all plastic ever made has likely been recycled.”


“Plastic takes more than 400 years to degrade.” Much of the balance get burned or go to the landfill or into ocean. 


We consume and throw away every day to preserve our way of living. Utilizing the useless as our next sources of energy is responsible to our planet and sustainable for our business. Recycling helps save the energy, emit fewer greenhouse gas and protect better our environment.


Making this choice makes Big difference to our future !

What Recolink implies is not the concept of using back-spin material to save cost, but using discarded plastic bottles and used-up textiles for recycling.

Main sources for Recolink material are PET-based ( Polyester ) bottles which many fiber manufacturers are collecting and “ digesting “ to recycle before they can be refreshed into the new staple and chips to start a new product life.

From the weight of PET bottles and the weight of Recolink products, we calculate and conclude how much we do to help recycle

It shows : 1pr gloves equals to recycle one 1x500ml bottle.

1pc 50% Recycle-fiber beanie equals to recycle one 1x500ml bottle.

1pc 100% Recycle-fiber beanie equals to recycle two 1X500ml bottles.

Marblemann offers a package and a flexible solution to customers who are willing to market recycle apparel either in big and existing material brands like Repreve, JIAREN, RECOTex as well as Benma, or to create their own private labels. We commit to assuring your ambion with our merchandising capabilities.

Taking advantage of extensive material sourcing and integrated product development, Marblemann has completed a vast trial of recycle material andis proudly introducing into our Recolink collection with following: